Top Phrases You’ll Need For Your Adventure in Prague

Christina Archipolo, Leadership exCHANGE Alumna As the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, Prague has so much to offer. Before you embark on your adventure to this magical city, here are a few Czech phrases to carry with you along your journey. 1) AHOJ...

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Fun Things To Do In Prague

Written by: Kayla McDonald Though I know it is not customary, please allow me to begin with an apology, because I know that often times what we look for when asking for the best things to do in a city, we are not looking for the list of touristy landmarks. However, in...

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Alumnus Spreads The Love For GLP

Written by: Jefferson Schleifer Over this past half a month or so I have come to love and enjoy the wonderful experiences shared with my fellow peers in the GLP Prague program. Here are a couple of reasons why I have been glad to be a part of this program and will...

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2018 Impact Hub Crawl Inspires Alumna From Georgia

Written by: Mary Wilson I am a member of the engineering community and the African American Community. Some of the issues within those communities involve lack of diversity and lack of awareness respectively. The course of this program has taught me a lot about myself...

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