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Interested in a Global Leadership Program?

Update: Applications NOW OPEN for the 2020 January and July programs.

If you’re a student from Australia or currently studying in Australia and are looking for a UNIQUE Short-Term Mobility Option, join our thriving alumni from 15 Australian universities and get connected with students from around the world! Our Global Leadership Programs are a perfect fit with your winter or summer breaks. Earn university credit and develop your leadership, innovation, and cross-cultural skills! Select from Winter 2018 or Summer 2019 programs. Many students have utilized the OS Help Loan to attend! One student even moved to Raleigh after our program, read more about her experience below.

Select from:

  • July 21st Annual Global Leadership Program in Prague: June 28 – July 27, 2020
  • January Women & Innovation Program Raleigh USA: January 3-15, 2020
  • August Comparative Study of Peace, Conflict, & Religion Prague: August 1-15, 2020
  • August Women & Leadership Program Prague: August 1-15, 2020
  • January 2019 Impact HUB Crawl Prague/Vienna: January 3 – 16, 2019
  • January 2019 Women & Innovation Program Raleigh USA: January 3 -16, 2019 or expanded (internship) 3-28, 2019
  • February 2019 Leadership & Innovation Program Raleigh USA (includes internship!): February 1-28, 2019
Why Do Students Choose Leadership exCHANGE and the Global Leadership Program?

“Raleigh helped me to gain a deeper personal understanding of my goals, dreams and wants from life. It also enhanced my skills and networks to help me stay on track while achieving any goal. Not to mention, the intensive nature of the program helped me understand that anything is possible, and that self-belief is one of the most important characteristics to have.”

—Hanna Siddiqui
Raleigh Participant

“Friends, a few months ago I went on a life-changing, world-affirming, magical study-abroad program in Prague, known as the Global Leadership Programs. I know I exaggerate A LOT, but this experience literally (not even figuratively) altered the entire course of my life, it inspired me to begin my own project tackling gender inequality, and allowed me to make contacts with fantastic people across the world. And I think it’s an opportunity you should all get involved in.”

—Madeline Price
Prague Participant
Founder of One Woman Project

“The program has equipped me to dream bigger, act more, and think different. It’s an intense crash course in entrepreneurship, you’ll be making lifelong amazing friends and connections, but primarily it teaches you to understand your place in the world, the impact we have on the world around us, what we can do, why, and how. It helps to make you realise you are capable of more than you ever thought you were.”

—James Bogg
Raleigh Participant

“Had I not gone to Prague in 2006, I have no doubt that I would be a very different person today. Not as sure of myself, not as brave, and nowhere near as adventurous.”

—Natasha Young
Prague Participant

“I had a life changing time at GLP and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Never before have I been exposed to such first class teaching and first class people. Every conversation I had over the month, whether it was with one of the teachers or with one of the other students proved to be stimulating and thought provoking. I now have so much more insight into other cultures, other realms of politics and even a greater understanding of myself. Studying abroad at GLP has inspired me to hopefully go on and do something great for the greater good, and I now have no doubt that I can achieve it. In a world so gloomy, with so many troubles it often seems as though there is no hope or chance of changing the world for the better although spending a month around such motivated and gifted, like minded people proved that there is an abundance of hope, you just need to look in the right places and have a little faith.”

—Zachary Whale
Prague Participant

“I must thank you for the wonderful opportunities that GLP provided me, as a student and staff member. I honestly believe that these experiences are what helped set me apart from other candidates and secure a job at the end of the long application and testing process. I am absolutely thrilled to be starting my next chapter there, and am so grateful for all of your hard work in setting up a program that helps students develop skills to go out and succeed. I don’t think I would be in this position had it not been for GLP, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!”

—Heather Beth McDougall
Prague Participant

How did the Australia / Leadership exCHANGE Connection Start?

Meena Krishnamoorthy from Sydney University was our first Australian student in 2001! She discovered the program while searching for unique study abroad opportunities on the Internet. Meena returned to Prague in 2002 as a Student Coordinator. We recently caught up with Meena to learn more about her impressive endeavors, including graduate studies in Sweden and serving as Solicitor for RACS- Refugees Advice and Casework Service. We asked Meena: Looking back at your GLP experience, how did it impact/shape your academic/career path? “The best thing for me,” Meena responded, “was the international contact I got and a thirst for more – more options and more adventure.”
For Verity Dunn, another alumna from our Prague program, the program helped her prepare for her career with PwC. Verity explains: “The knowledge and experiences from GLP set me up for a career in international development through the Asia Pacific region before I joined PwC’s consulting business where I now support organisations to be more diverse and inclusive (and ultimately productive!).”
We’ve been fortunate to have a group of high caliber students from Australian universities who share our passion for cross-cultural learning and social change. Hardly ones to be quiet during a debate, our Australian students are some of our most engaging students! Paul Perret from Maqaurie has joined us for both our USA and Europe programs! Tara Hawley from Macquarie University (3 programs: Prague, Rome, and Prague as Team member) and Heather B McDougall from U Canberra (4 programs: Prague, Rome, Women & Leadership, and Prague as Team member) are our current Australian record holders for attending the most programs! Join us!

Preet Mankad, Raleigh Participant
“I was part of the Raleigh July 2016 program with Leadership exCHANGE and loved it so much that I decided to move here! The program taught me all about lean startups, leadership and entrepreneurship. We’d have classes in the morning and did a few hours of internships in the afternoon. The best part of the program was that it didn’t feel like school! Being summer, Raleigh was thriving with activity and sunshine! Interspersed with the classes were activities such as baseball games, tours of chocolate factories and of extravagant university campuses. By the end of the program, we were on our way to developing either a product or service that would have a social impact within our communities!

As stated previously, I loved Raleigh so much that I decided to move here! I fell in love with the bubble of innovative thinkers, inspirational people and co-working spaces. I came back home to graduate from uni and decided to make probably one of the biggest moves of my life! Now, three months in, I’m working with a SAAS company, right from HQ Raleigh and literally living my dreams! I have a beautiful apartment right down the road and am surrounded by amazing people. For anyone on the fence about the program, I’d encourage you to take the leap! I can assure you that the program will allow you to see your degree in a different way and see how it is applicable in a real-world sense. You will learn about entrepreneurship; be inspired and be amazed by all that Raleigh has to offer! Come to Raleigh and lets hang out!”

Having relocated from Sydney, Australia, Preet has experience with all the critters from ‘down under’. With a degree in Psychology, Preet’s interests extend from research and writing to leadership and entrepreneurship. Three things you should know: Preet’s favourite colour is yellow, she loves summer and sunshine, and also has a cat named Greg back in Sydney.

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