Dear Heather,

I cant begin to explain how inspiring and rewarding participating in the Hub Crawl in Prague and Vienna was. Liz was an incredibly empowering and inspiring woman who reminds me of the woman I aspire to be one day. She is poised, approachable, and has made every effort to personalize this experience by getting to know us individually and taking us out to restaurants to bond (will never forget sitting on the floor and binge eating amazing pakistani-food while sharing stories and laughs with Liz).

Studying leadership/communities, business, and entrepreneurship in this metropolis has been exhilarating–a week was just too short! Hearing Stefan say that it’s incredible how we all hail from such different age groups, we all have something unique to contribute to the conversation. Reflecting back to the collaborative exercise we did with Stefan, I am now more confident in my own voice and the value of it.

Traveling to Vienna to visit the United Nations was the icing on the cake, though. Meeting Marco, a UNHCR representative who has worked for over 10 years on the international refugee crisis was no ordinary experience. Hearing his story and about his work life (which consisted of working with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, so you can tell we had a very interesting conversation as a native Bangladeshi myself) was beyond inspiring. I walked out of that room wanting to get up and change the world.

I wanted to reach out with the warmest thank you for enabling me to participate in this opportunity with a scholarship. I am going to look into how I can give back and get more involved with GLP, if there is anything I can do, whether it’s sharing along information about the program or anything, I would love to. I might even be back next year to try out a different part of the program!

You have worked incredibly hard to build this program to what it is today– because of the dedication of your team, students like myself have the opportunity and confidence to become the next generation of leaders and innovators. I am beyond happy I have friends all across the world. I wish you the very best as you continue forward with GLP and may we cross paths one day.


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