With 19 years of experience, creating dynamic leadership and innovation programming is our passion and specialty! Leadership scholars Kouzes & Posner identify Leadership exCHANGE as an extraordinary model of outside-the-box leadership programming that increases the “quantity and quality of leaders for the world.”

team building workshops and retreats

Half-Day or Full-Day sessions to energize your group, develop teamwork & leadership skills, and cultivate creativity. Sessions can “jumpstart” to your program / conference or run as multiple sessions woven throughout your program/conference.

Customized Programs and Courses

With a roster of 30 courses to choose from and our award-winning structure, we can create a specialized program for your school or business. Whether you are looking for a one-week or a full summer experience, we can design a program that is right for you. ​
Specialized course in Rome with Washington College

Comparative Study of Peace, Conflict, & Religion

Customized Impact HUB Crawl to Prague & Vienna

with the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill: Creating Social Change

Customized Impact HUB Crawl with Washington College

Community Problem Solving from a Cross-Cultural Perspective

Specialized Women and Innovation

(Kăt′ l- īz′ er) with e51 and HQ Raleigh

Specialized Women as Change Agents Program

in Panama with University of Monterrey Mexico and United Nations Information Centre

Opportunities for University Faculty

Want to add a course to one of our programs? Bring a delegation from your university and have the opportunity to teach in a dynamic, cross-cultural program!

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