Partial tuitions scholarships are available ranging from $500 – $2000. Priority is given to students from developing countries. Please note we do not have funds for travel or personal expenses. Scholarships are limited and competitive! Applications are assessed based on the quality of application, demonstration of commitment to community/service, and need. A follow-up interview is also required.

Students have been successful contacting their home university’s Study Abroad, Financial Aid, or Student Activities Office for funding opportunities. The 4-week programs are considered full-time (6 credits) for summer study. Does your university have a leadership studies or social entrepreneurship program? If so, you might have access to special funds from your university for this program!

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Are you an Opportunity Network Fellow? With our special partnership, Opportunity Network students may qualify for matching scholarships. If you are an Opportunity Network Fellow, you can qualify for funding sponsored by The Opportunity Network. Funding ranges from $500-$2500. Contact ray@opportunitynetwork.org for more information. Scholarships are limited and reviewed on a rolling admission basis.

Is your university a Sullivan Foundation school? If so, the university may have endowment funding that can assist with tuition. Check here to find out more information on the Sullivan Network and to see if your university is an Endowment School.

How to Apply

​On your application be sure to list your university and indicate you are part of the Sullivan Network or Opportunity Network. Sullivan and Opportunity Network students receive “Priority Review Status” during the selection process but don’t forget this process is competitive! Applications are assessed based on the quality of application, demonstration of commitment to community/service, and need. A follow-up interview is also required.


All scholarship students are expected to fulfill all academic requirements for the courses and successfully complete the program. Scholarships students are also required to write a summary of their experience.

Additional Requirements for Sullivan Students

Sullivan Scholars are expected to take full advantage of the programs and bring their knowledge and experience back to their campus. During the programs Sullivan Scholars blog about their experience to help others learn about social entrepreneurship and study abroad.

As a Sullivan Scholar, you are on your way to earning a Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship through Sullivan! Created by the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation and a Board of Advisors from renowned universities, the Sullivan SE Certificate develops students’ entrepreneurship and leadership skills to prepare them to be change agents in their communities and professional careers. You can combine courses through Leadership exCHANGE with courses at your home campus to complete the minor.

what scholarship students say about us


Sullivan Scholar
Rollins College

“Leadership exCHANGE encouraged me to aim “high” and look for creative solutions to complex social problems. I now feel better equipped to start my social enterprise. Thanks Sullivan Foundation!”


Sullivan Scholar
Rollins College

“As a Sullivan Fellow, I’m glad I chose Leadership exCHANGE. They bring in top-notch instructors who teach in a way that is engaging and memorable. I’m not likely to forget that wig soon!”


Sewanee, the University
of the South

“Because of my desire to launch my own venture, I wasn’t looking for a standard summer experience, rather something where I felt there would be a direct application to my current work. Thanks to the Sullivan Foundation!

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